Pattern Review: Peasant Dress

Posted on 03/21/2017 in REVIEWS

In my quest to use up some of my fabric stash, I’ve been all over Pinterest looking for ideas. I saw quite a few pins pointing to free patterns, but in my experience, free patterns can be a mixed bag. I was happy to find this one that worked out very well!

The only caveat to the free pattern is that you have to fill out a form and sign up for a newsletter. Considering that the pattern runs from size 12 months to 10 years, and patterns like this can cost over $10 to get all these sizes, this isn’t a bad compromise. Plus, if you are not enjoying the newsletter, you can always unsubscribe. read more...

New Printable Gift Tags
for Handmade Gifts

Posted on 11/28/2016 in FREEBIES

Sure, there’s a lot of talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales out there, but crafters have been hard at work for weeks (ok, months!) getting ready for gifting, especially for those friends and family that are knit-worthy.

Once again, I’m sharing these printable gift tags. Just print, cut and attach. You’ve spent enough time crafting, don’t fight the crowds looking for a generic tag!

There are five tags per sheet — four classic tags, and one wrap-around which is perfect for small knit, crochet or sewn gifts. read more...

Cable Knit Baby Bonnet —
Free Knitting Pattern

Posted on 03/06/2016 in FREEBIES/ TUTORIALS
free knit pattern for newborn girl baby bonnet photo prop

This basic baby bonnet is a rectangle, cinched on one end. That makes it simple enough even for a beginner!

Due to the long ribbons, this is intended a a photography prop. Do not leave baby unattended with this bonnet.

If you’ve never knit a cable, it’s really easy! Check out this tutorial.



Yarn: Worsted
Shown in Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash in Creme

Needle: Size 5 or size needed for gauge

Gauge: 1″ = 5 rows

Also needed: cable needle, 3/8 ribbon

OMG, Sloths!
Baby Girl Gift Set

Posted on 02/23/2016 in RANDOM
baby sewing patterns

My friend is having a BABY GIRL! After a long, long stretch of boy babies, I finally have a reason to use up some of my fabric stash for dresses and girl outfits! Well, and maybe just make an extra purchase for sloth fabric, because this momma loves sloths. Ha! In any case, I made this little top & bloomers set by mixing and matching two patterns, and also, altering the top pattern a bit.

If you haven’t gone to Oliver & S yet to check out their range of free & paid patterns, head over there NOW. I’ve used quite a few of their patterns and find them useful and easy enough that I use them over & over. I think I’ve made a dozen of the bucket hats! Another favorite is the Popover Sundress, which I used as the basis for the top in this set. read more...

5 Knitting Tools I Can’t Live Without

Posted on 02/08/2016 in RANDOM
5 knitting tools every knitter needs

1: A Swift & Winder

Yes, it may be daunting to spend a chunk of cash on something that seem so utilitarian (read: boring), but I’ve used this tool more times than I can count. (Because in order to do that, I’d have to add up how many skeins I’ve gone through, and no one needs that kind of accounting in their lives!) After trying to wind skeins by hand a few times — and causing my husband to run into the man cave when he saw me contemplating having him hold his hands up while I wound), I realized that a swift and winder would pay for themselves in time saved (less time winding = more time knitting). It also keeps skeins from getting tangled. Total cost for both was about $75 — and yes, that would buy some lovely skeins of yarn. But are you going to use those skeins if they aren’t caked? Or are they going to sit in your bin. P.S. — these make great gifts! read more...

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