About WeeBlackCat Studios
WeeBlackCat Studios was launched first as at Etsy site. This companion blog explores crafting and creating. Based in the Boston area, I’ll be exploring local places where you can learn new skills as well as highlighting online learning opportunities. Along the way, we’ll find ways to keep your stash up-to-date with road trips around New England and beyond. Kettle-dyed yarns? Yes, please!  I love that we live in a world where you can find local artisans raising sheep and dying their own yarn as well as finding an unending variety of craft supplies online. I’ll be highlighting crafters I meet along the way, and showing you my DIY projects. I hope to inspire you to find your creativity, and to share it with your community.

About Lori
Photographer, writer and constant crafter, I’ve been making things with my hands for more years than I care to count. My urge to create has led me in different directions throughout my life. I finally decided to stop trying to pick and choose among my many interests, and just follow my instincts. It makes for more fun, more joy and also, a messier kitchen table. I guess we all have our burdens in life!

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