Here in New England, we have a long tradition of community and a charitable outlook. It’s often said that our early settlers would never have survived if they could not lean on each other during the bitter cold winter months.

Sometimes in this hurried, modern world we can forget that there is still a strong community, especially among crafters. Crafters tend to seek each other out, getting together at quilt classes and knit-alongs. And, you will often find knitters and crocheters making hats, scarves and blankets for those less fortunate. Even if these days a lot of crafters find each other online, there is still a community and a sense of being there for each other and lending a helping hand — whether you are stuck on a pattern or technique, or just want to share what you’ve created.

I’ve traveled around a bit and found pockets of artisans still practicing traditional crafts, conversed with local crafters about everything from pattern drafting to marketing your wares to building a community of charitable givers.

I hope you’ll take a look around, and if you have a story to share, please contact me!

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