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Hey there! Looking for an easy way to find all the free gift tags for knitting, sewing and handmade gifts? I’ve created this page to keep everything in one place.

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New Printable Gift Tags
for Handmade Gifts

Sure, there’s a lot of talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales out there, but crafters have been hard at work for weeks (ok, months!) getting ready for gifting, especially for those friends and family that are knit-worthy.

free printable gift tags for handmade gifts

Once again, I’m sharing these printable gift tags. Just print, cut and attach. You’ve spent enough time crafting, don’t fight the crowds looking for a generic tag!

There are five tags per sheet — four classic tags, and one wrap-around which is perfect for small knit, crochet or sewn gifts.

As always, personal use only!

Download the tags with grey background here.

Download the tags with a white background here. (perfect if you want to use colored cardstock or kraft stock.)


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Cable Knit Baby Bonnet —
Free Knitting Pattern

This basic baby bonnet is a rectangle, cinched on one end. That makes it simple enough even for a beginner!

Due to the long ribbons, this is intended a a photography prop. Do not leave baby unattended with this bonnet.

If you’ve never knit a cable, it’s really easy! Check out this tutorial.




Yarn: Worsted
Shown in Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash in Creme

Needle: Size 5 or size needed for gauge

Gauge: 1″ = 5 rows

Also needed: cable needle, 3/8 ribbon


CO 60
Seed Stitch for five rows (k1, p1 to end. Next row p1, k2. Alternate rows til you have five rows)

Start body of bonnet:

*k19, p2, k6, p2, k19
k3, p16, k2, p6, k2, p16, k3

On seventh row (knit side):

k19, p2, put slip 3 stitches to cable needle, k3
slip three stitches from cable needle back to main needles
k3, p2, k19*

Repeat six times from * to * until you have 42 rows.

Finish with 2 rows garter stitch (knit both sides)

photo prop knitting pattern

Bind off.

Block using your preferred method.

free knitting pattern baby bonnet photography prop

Using a tapestry needle, weave a 28″ 3/8 ribbon through stitches, about every 2- 3 rows.
Pull to cinch and tie into bow.


On each corner of the front, use the tapestry needle to insert 34″ piece of 3/8 ribbon. Knot & bow.

free knitting patterns for babies



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Free printable gift tags: Sewing

I haven’t forgotten all the sewists out there! Our latest tags feature vintage sewing machine and sewing graphics for all your handmade sewn gifts! Personally, I can’t wait for spring to make some cute dresses and tops!

Download our free gift tags and print — that’s all you have to do. (Well, and get those WIPs finished!)

As always, personal use only. And let me know how you use these! I love seeing everyone’s projects, it’s so inspiring. Share an image on Instagram and tag me, or comment below.

free gift tags for sewing



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Free Printable Gift Tags: Knit with Love

Fourth in our free printable gift tag series — this time, it’s a bit more generic so that you can use it for birthday, mother’s day or baby shower gifts (my favorite kind of gift — wee sweaters and hats!)

Download your free printable gift tags below!

Download the free gift tags.

As always, personal use only. And if you do use these, I’d love to see! You can comment on the post or post it to Instagram — I’m WeeBlackCatStudios there.


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Friday Freebie: More printable gift tags!

As promised, another Friday Freebie: more free printable gift tags for your homemade items! These are perfect for those items you spent time making for your friends and family — now you can tag them in style and add care instructions if needed! I’m having so much fun designing these and I really hope you find them useful, too.

This set has a variety of tags on a kraft paper look, easy to mix and match.

free printable gift tags, handmade with love

I’ve included four tags this time — two with care instructions. Also, along the bottom is a gift wrapper for smaller items. I love to use these on hats and boot toppers.

free printable gift tags, handmade with love

Here’s a preview of the third set of free printable gift tags. Use the link below to access the printable PDF

Download the printable & share!

Once you’ve finished your handmade gifts, just download our free gift tags and print as many as needed. As always, personal use only — thank you!

I’d love to see how you use these tags — follow me on Instagram and tag me so I can see how you used them!

free printable gift tags, handmade with love

Need more free printable tags? I’ll be adding more designs over the coming weeks, so check back soon. I’ll be including some non-holiday tags (great for birthday gifts, mother’s day gifts or baby shower gifts!)


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