Cable Knit Baby Bonnet —  Free Knitting Pattern

Posted on March 16, 2016 in Patterns

free knitting pattern for a easy and simple cabled baby bonnet.

This basic baby bonnet is a rectangle, cinched on one end. That makes it simple enough even for a beginner!

Due to the long ribbons, this is intended a a photography prop. Do not leave baby unattended with this bonnet.

If you’ve never knit a cable, it’s really easy! Check out this tutorial.



Yarn: Worsted
Shown in Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash in Creme

Needle: Size 5 or size needed for gauge

Gauge: 1″ = 5 rows

Also needed: cable needle, 3/8 ribbon


CO 60
Seed Stitch for five rows (k1, p1 to end. Next row p1, k2. Alternate rows til you have five rows)

Free Knitting Pattern Newborn Bonnet with ribbons.

Start body of bonnet:

*k19, p2, k6, p2, k19
k3, p16, k2, p6, k2, p16, k3

On seventh row (knit side):

k19, p2, put slip 3 stitches to cable needle, k3
slip three stitches from cable needle back to main needles
k3, p2, k19*

Repeat six times from * to * until you have 42 rows.

Finish with 2 rows garter stitch (knit both sides)


Bind off.

Block using your preferred method.

Using a tapestry needle, weave a 28″ 3/8 ribbon through stitches, about every 2- 3 rows.
Pull to cinch and tie into bow.

On each corner of the front, use the tapestry needle to insert 34″ piece of 3/8 ribbon. Knot & bow.
Free Newborn Bonnet Knitting Pattern

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