5 Knitting Tools I Can’t Live Without

Posted on 02/08/2016 in RANDOM
5 knitting tools every knitter needs

1: A Swift & Winder

Yes, it may be daunting to spend a chunk of cash on something that seem so utilitarian (read: boring), but I’ve used this tool more times than I can count. (Because in order to do that, I’d have to add up how many skeins I’ve gone through, and no one needs that kind of accounting in their lives!) After trying to wind skeins by hand a few times — and causing my husband to run into the man cave when he saw me contemplating having him hold his hands up while I wound), I realized that a swift and winder would pay for themselves in time saved (less time winding = more time knitting). It also keeps skeins from getting tangled. Total cost for both was about $75 — and yes, that would buy some lovely skeins of yarn. But are you going to use those skeins if they aren’t caked? Or are they going to sit in your bin. P.S. — these make great gifts! read more...

Free printable gift tags: Sewing

Posted on 01/23/2016 in FREEBIES
free printable gift tags for sewing

I haven’t forgotten all the sewists out there! Our latest tags feature vintage sewing machine and sewing graphics for all your handmade sewn gifts! Personally, I can’t wait for spring to make some cute dresses and tops!

Download our free gift tags and print — that’s all you have to do. (Well, and get those WIPs finished!)

As always, personal use only. And let me know how you use these! I love seeing everyone’s projects, it’s so inspiring. Share an image on Instagram and tag me, or comment below. read more...

Functional Beauty:
The Art & Science of New England Knitting

Posted on 12/08/2015 in RANDOM
Raushberg Beanie by New England Knitting

With a growing collection of beautiful colorwork designs on Ravelry, and a cowl featured in the Winter 2016 Interweave publication, Meghan Huber of New England Knitting has combined a  love of knitting with her education in bioengineering to create functional and beautiful artwork with yarn as her canvas.

“Since I moved here almost 4 years ago, I have been captivated and inspired by the striking, and yet simple, beauty of New England. Around the same time that I moved here, I also picked up a new hobby which, you guessed it, was knitting. Thus a lot of my knitting inspiration comes from my charming surroundings. Plus, it gets extremely cold here, so New England and knitting go hand in hand. I mean, we did just experience snowpocalypse.” read more...

Six Tips for Navigating
the Fiber Festival of New England

Posted on 11/22/2015 in DETOURS
Six Tips for Surviving The Fiber Festival of New England

This year was my first trip to the Fiber Festival of New England, held in West Springfield, MA during the first weekend of November. Those who have been to Rhinebeck have reported that FFNE is smaller in scope, it’s indoors so there are no weather worries, and the booths are roomier so there aren’t any missed opportunities or frustration.

Still, I had a lot of questions before my first trip and I thought I would compile this list of tips for those of you who have never been — go in with a game plan and mazimize your shopping! read more...

Wile Carding Mill Museum | Nova Scotia

Posted on 10/28/2015 in DETOURS
Wile Carding Museum, Nova Scotia

While driving around Nova Scotia, I was reminded that my sense of direction is so bad that while I was gazing out the car window, I thought my husband was headed back to Halifax after a trip to Ross Family Farm. However, while I was in line buying a hand-made wooden basket made by the cooper farm, he was on the phone looking up a side trip, unbeknownst to me. It wasn’t until I casually said “Hey, I just saw a sign for a Carding Mill Museum, they are truly serious about their wool here!” that he let me in on the secret — that was exactly where we were headed. (Side note: Best Husband Award) read more...

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